Idente youth has been many years sharing and live unforgettable experiences.

Are you looking for people like you who want to live in company great moments full of personal growth? Would you like to try to improve society by starting with yourself?


is Idente Youth?

An international association open to children and young people from all traditions and beliefs who wish to identify with the highest human values, such as truthfulness, generosity, and honor, fostering the external sign of peace. Idente Youth is present in nineteen countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.


is its purpose?

To restore humanity beginning with ourselves, in accordance with the motto God, Nature, and Society. The generosity of the love of Christ is its model, which is open to all people without distinction.


did it begin?

It was founded in 1975 by Fernando Rielo Pardal, who also founded the Idente Missionaries, a Catholic religious institute, as well as several other organisms devoted to culture, research, and health care. He showed special concern for vulnerable and needy children and young people.

A world of possibilities to live and share

Idente youth have developed a wide variety of projects, activities and areas of work aimed to achieve our goals in the best way possible. See some of our proposals and inform you.

The W.Y.P it's an international forum for young people designed to improve society from reflection and based on the highest values.
Volunteer locally and internationally oriented to different projects aimed at improving the quality of life for those most in need.
We offer various activities related to nature and the outdoors, such as camps for summer, work camps, Ruta jacobea, etc...
for progress in common, using an address collegiate in the experience of life in relation to the presence of God, respect for nature, and communication with others.

Which isour motto?

“God, nature and society”, three indispensable realities in which young people, guided by their experience and exploration, discover the highest personal and social goals.


God manifests Himself freely in the created human being as the experience of love open to the infinite; as the search for authentic joy, peace and freedom; as the desire for truth, good and beauty..


Nature as created reality refers to the cosmos and to life, of which the human spirit, psychology and body form a part, these three being the three levels on which every personal being is manifested.


Society, as a set of relations and conditions, should promote the fulfillment and shared living of human beings in all their dimensions.

I ask you, my dear friends:

What are you willing to do with your lives? How far do you want to go in your commitment to society, to those around you, to yourselves? What is your challenge? What your wager?
May your answer to these questions be a free, personal, unconditional decision.
You must exercise that true freedom that never ends: that which gives you authentic personality, a freedom that no one can take from you.

Fernando Rielo,
Message to the young people of the Megaid,, New York.
August 2001.

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