Idente Youth is an international, non-profit organization open to all young persons, without distinction of creed, gender, race or nationality, created in Spain in 1975 by Fernando Rielo (1923-2004), a recognized humanist, poet and thinker, as well as founder of the Catholic institution, the Idente Missionaries.

Currently Idente Youth is present in 19 countries, and numbers more than 30,000 direct beneficiaries in the following countries: Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Cameroon, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.


Their purposes are to help young people discover and live in common that richness of their mystical personality that capacitates them for the best possible relationship with God, nature and society. The members of Idente Youth resolve to restore humanity beginning with themselves.

Their Rule of Honor is Ad Deum propter humanitatem, i.e., to aspire to God, living a humanism whose model is Christ.

Our motto is: “God, Nature and Society”, three indispensable realities in which young people, guided by their experience and exploration, discover the highest personal and social goals.

God, the supreme reality, manifests Himself freely in the created human being as the experience of love open to the infinite; as the thirst for transcendence towards the absolute; as the aspiration to more and never to less; as the search for authentic joy, peace and freedom; as the desire for truth, good and beauty

Nature as created reality refers to the cosmos and to life, of which the human spirit, psychology and body form a part, these three being the three levels on which every personal being is manifested.

Society, as a set of relations and conditions, should promote the fulfillment and shared living of human beings in all their dimensions: personal, family, historical, cultural, artistic, technical, scientific, religious, philosophical, and political.


The educatonal model of Idente Youth is based on two concepts: education in ecstasy, and service for others. Without these two specific bases, the young members could not honestly achieve their objectives.

Education in ecstasy consists of forming the person in the generosity that makes one go out of oneself to unite oneself to the worthiest [ideal] that one can conceive. This union requires closing one’s eyes to selfishness so as to open them to the generosity of love. The result is a family spirit.

The authentic manifestations of service that we must render to one another are forgiveness, generosity, respect and mutual help, which are only possible if the human being conceives other human beings as “deities”.