The Camp

The Camp is an activity for children and young people especially devoted to a community experience in a natural environment. Though children and young people love to enjoy nature and have fun, what makes every camp unforgettable is having grown in the noblest values. For Idente Youth, the camp and all other activities are a school for humanism and sharing.

The specific activities selected by Idente Youth always help children and young people to give their best and not just to seek entertainment or diversion, even if having a good time is also important.


The Camp is open and universally oriented. Children and young people with different geographical, cultural, and family origins can take part. This sense of openness provides a singular experience of this kind, since the notable differences among participants are relegated to the background, while sharing, reinforced by generosity and respect, overcomes all obstacles. Under the sign of humanity and generosity, the camp becomes a little universal city where everyone feels welcome.


The Camp is the work of all. Both instructors and campers, in following a family model, build the camp together, in both physical and human terms.

Each and every person is vital for the success of the enterprise. Cooperation, enthusiasm, generosity, and a team spirit are indispensable to make a camp an unforgettable experience.


In the camp three types of activities are carried out, almost all of them on a daily basis:


Seminars for developing values by means of dialogue, with topics and approaches suitable for each age, short courses on local plants and animals and learning how to live in a natural setting and conserve it, visits to sites of ecological or cultural interest, and experiences in sharing and interpersonal communication.


Workshops on creativity for perfecting artistic sensitivity, evening events with music and poetry (fire hymn), floral games (or literary-artistic contests).


Sports, games, olympics, excursions, walks, and other initiatives to promote physical health, contact with nature, and strengthen the values fostered by sports: surpassing personal limitations, effort, cooperation, teamwork, solidarity.


Instructors are the key to the camp. They are experts at different levels and in different fields (primary school, secondary school, and university teachers; psychologists; doctors; coaches; and musicians, among others), But what is most important is that they seek to live out the highest ideals, such as truthfulness, generosity, and honor, and be real models for the campers. Their basic mission, starting from personal responsibiliy, is to guide and accompany the campers so that they will take part in all activities and discover all of their talents.