Idente Volunteer Service

"You do not always have the chance to practice your virtues with your fellow human beings, but you can love them at every instant". Fernando Rielo

The Idente Volunteer Service is organized by Idente Youth in response to human pain arising in varied circumstances: marginalization, gaps in resources, unmet basic needs, and any other kind of suffering or limitation.
It acts both locally and internationally through concrete projects carried out by the Idente Missionaries on different continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.
The goal is to restore humanity, starting from the efforts by Idente volunteers to restore themselves.
This service seeks to contribute to the integral development of the person, in whatever individual, social, or cultural circumstances people find themselves, by promoting the highest ideals and a sense of community. It hopes to foster dialogue and a fraternal spirit among different cultures by sharing in volunteer work.
Volunteers are thus asked to gain understanding of Idente Youth and its teaching methods, beginning with the conception of the person provided by Christ and set forth in the Gospel. It is Christ who inspires the way to carry out voluntary action.

An idente volunteer can be any person, regardless of their belief, social status or culture. It is that person who wants, through volunteer teamwork, to develop all his human qualities, to offer not only the best of himself, but the best answer to the problems that other human beings suffer.

The volunteer should be trained in the spirit of Idente Youth. The pedagogy is part of the concept of person contributed by Christ and contained in the Gospel and he inspires his mode of action. The volunteer is not required to share the Catholic faith, but he does know and respect the values he proposes. It is very important to understand that idente volunteer service is not just about solving problems. It interests, above all, the restoration of the people who suffer them, beginning with its own restoration. The idente volunteer service is aware, in this sense, that he has a good to offer, but also knows that he is the first beneficiary of it.

  • Local Idente Volunteer Servicer: the one that takes place in the places where the Idente Youth is located. It is usually aimed at children and adolescents with different socio-educational and health needs, at risk of marginalization, but also for the elderly, the sick, etc ...
  • Idente Volunteer Service missionary: the one that is realized in the missions in the world, serving vulnerable and needy people.

Missions and Locations of Volunteer Work:

  • 1. Idente Mission La Paz, Bolivia.
  • 2. Monastic City San Miguelito, Chiquitania, Bolivia.
  • 3. Idente Mission Ecuador.
  • 4. Home of the Child Jesus Abancay, Peru.
  • 5. University Idente Mission Soa, Cameroon.
  • 6. Parish Work with Children and Young People. Bronx, New York, USA.
  • 7. Abba Karun Nivas Youth Training Center. Cochin, India.

Ongoing Activities

  • Support for basic education of children and teenagers
  • Youth training through professional workshops.
  • Education in values through the humanities, the arts, and sports by way of sociocultural programs.
  • Spiritual preparation through catechesis, evangelization, and rural and community missions
  • Cross-cultural and ecumenical encounters for university students aimed at personal and social growth.
  • Specific projects carried out by different Idente Missions.

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