Seminars and formation

In keeping with the purpose and motto of the Idente Youth, that is, restoring humanity starting with oneself and developing the relationship with God, nature and society, the moment of seminaries and formation represent a fundamental space.

The seminar is a key humanistic activity both in the camp and in the programs of activities developed by Idente Youth. It is defined as a common discovery, through dialogue, of the most authentic and noble values and ways of life, so that the child, the adolescent or the young person is able to undertake projects, propose ideals ... to be enthusiastic and enthusiastic to the the rest.

The themes can be treated from four areas or areas of human sensibility: Aesthetic, Law, Medical and Mystic.

Mysticism is understood as the intimate and personal experience of the person with God, witnessed by many human beings throughout history.

Medicine is understood as integral health: physical, psychic balance and spiritual strength.

It is understood by law the knowledge of the laws and norms that regulate the external behavior of the people and know what we have access to.

Aesthetics means the sensitivity to beauty, both that which is contemplated in nature as in people and in God.

“…... The idente knows where he comes from, what his season of departure is, and he also knows his destination station, and not only walks, but knows how he walks, doing something that is truly the basis of his own heart.
What is our origin and what is our ultimate destiny? An absolute, eternal Father. I have an absolute, eternal Father, and for this reason I come to give you testimony at this moment ... tell you that you have an Absolute Father in heaven and that you are His children, His children…”

Fernando Rielo
Visit to the Idente Youth of Madrid (Spain).

Essential Virtues


Live sincerity with oneself and with others, fidelity and honesty with which each one freely undertakes to consider it a valuable and noble fact.


Essential value for good coexistence. It consists of giving and giving according to something that the young man considers fair and noble. It is not to give what we have left, but to give what is necessary to the one who lacks it.


Honor is the synthesis of all values and virtues. It consists of living and treating things and people in the best way you conceive.


The idente young man, born of his authenticity, presents the sign of peace both in his inner life and in his coexistence.

Model of person

Fernando Rielo has chosen Jesus Christ as a model because he embodies universal values that can satisfy the noblest concerns of every human being. That is why even non-Christians or non-believers can also have a true example of life in Christ.

Although Jesus Christ and his Gospel are the primary source of values, our Founder has always encouraged us to learn from other sources, whether other religions or other cultures .... with the condition that they promote the experience of the noblest values and ideals.

“…Is Idente Youth only restricted to christians?" No. But it has been a Christian, not a Buddhist, not a Mohammedan, not an atheist, not a deist, but a Christian ... That Christian is me; I have already founded at the international level the Idente Youth which at its base is so universal that it does not admit of discrimination of races, of religions, nor of the sexes ...: all fit in this unit of solidarity, in this true human unity in which the base of the Idente Youth…
…All races, all religions, all ages, all dreams, all human values, all I welcome and for them, certainly, I offer my life ...”

Fernando Rielo
Camp course of Casavieja (Spain).