To obtain these ends Idente Youth has its essential means and activities: the genetic examination and the open seminar.

The genetic examination

The genetic examination helps young people to progress together, by means of collegial guidance in the experience of life with relation to the presence of God, the care and respect for nature, and dialogical communication with others.

The open seminar

The open seminar favors the investigation, learning and discovery of the highest aspirations and ideals through sharing each member’s lived experience. The topics of the seminar are mystical life, medicine, law and aesthetics.

Idente Youth’s specific project is the World Youth Parliament (WYP/PUJ): a forum where young people commit themselves to explore the foundations and bases of a new society and to propose guidelines which, not without abnegation and effort, mark out a change and way of life that lead to a more just society.

There are also many other activities:

  • Outdoor: Camps for children, Camps for teenagers, Building and restoration projects, Outings, hikes, etc.)
  • Humanistic: Atheneums, Workshops, etc.
  • Social: urban volunteer work, international cooperation.
  • International Relations: intercollegiate encounters, artistic activities, interchange with other associations, etc.
  • Promoted personally by Fernando Rielo, this activity has been held every year since 1988. The Jacobean Route endeavors to promote the development of youth in their relationship with God, nature and the society that surrounds them, based on the cultural, religious and historical richness of the Way to Santiago. To achieve this, Idente Youth sponsors an annual pilgrimage from Astorga to Santiago de Compostela (Spain), open to young people of different countries, cultures and beliefs,